Wes Larson, Jeff Larson and Mike Smith + Mascot Cage Match

I’m Holding a Knife! Wes Larson, Jeff Larson, & Mike Smith (Tooth and Claw Podcast) join Agata and Anastasia to discuss wild animals & basketball. They share their thoughts on which animals can dunk and which mascots would win in a fight. The gang also chats bear spray, Russ’s big dunk, Grayson Allen, hecklers, the Ouchie Scale, the Kawhi trade, Mr. Applehead, Detlef Schrempf, swimming with Donovan Mitchell, Benny the Bull, Rudy Gobert, Klay the fraud, Lusia Harris, Shawn Kemp, Big Shirley, and Jeff’s new rules. Will Agata become Hasson Whiteside’s financial advisor? Check out this episode for the answer!

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