Tim Kalpakis + Movie Review: BASEketball (1998)

He Likey the Ball! Tim Kalpakis (The Sloppy Boys, The Birthday Boys) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the film BASEketball. Tim shares his experiences sitting courtside, having insomnia, and being a rockstar. The gang also chats Blake Griffin, Dr. Feelgood, Trey Parker & Matt Stone kissing, Magic Johnson, bee allergies, giant dicks, Stan Brakhage, live podcasts, David Zucker, South Park, Werner Herzog, Johnny Knoxville, little white shitheads, and stupid jokes! Will the gang agree to never get famous? Hit play to find out!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. As of recording, BASEketball (1998) is available to rent on YouTube and many other streaming services
  2. The Sloppy Boys – Smashing the Plates
  3. Werner Herzog interviewed by NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross
  4. Sleep With Me – The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep
  5. Intro to the short-lived late-night talk show The Magic Hour
  6. One Week by The Barenaked Ladies
  7. Listen to The Sloppy Boys podcast and get their three albums, available wherever music streams!
  8. And also @TimKalpakis is one of the funniest follows on all of twitter.com!

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