Melissa Stetten + Magic vs Clippers

That’s how Sims dunk! Melissa Stetten (Web Crawlers, 90 Day Fiance Slumber Party) joins Anastasia and Producer Gabe to watch the Magic face the Clippers at Staples Center. Unfortunately, Agata is out sick. Melissa discusses her love for the Clippers, her dream to hit a half court shot, and her experience on the legendary Pistol Shrimps rec league basketball team. The gang also chats nachos, Markelle Fultz, embarrassing dunks, and Kawhi sous-viding his knees. Who will win the Martin Short Award for Extreme Commitment to Craft? You simply must listen to find out!

Magic vs Bucks

We’re loopy! Through a haze of tired giddiness, Agata and Anastasia watch the Magic challenge the Bucks. They also detail the snacks they ate while watching the All Star Draft, analyze Giannis’s injured fashion, and process the whirlwind of the last few days before the trade deadline. Will the Magic mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon, be Agata’s valentine? Stop smooching your sweetheart and listen to find out!

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