Katie Heindl + Heat vs Celtics (Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2)

Big Bammy Slammy! Katie Heindl (Basketball Feelings, Uhhโ€ฆBasketball?, Dishes and Dimes) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. She shares her love of Amir Johnson, her role in naming the Raptors, and Toronto’s wild streets after the championship. The gang chats PJ Tucker’s lips, Big Face Coffee, the Clippers’ devastating loss, Tyler Herro’s capitalist tattoos, Giannis’s 2nd MVP, how LeBron’s fine, Maya Moore, and the child coach, Baby Brad Stevens. Will the gang hear a behind the scenes story about Serge Ibaka’s scarf? Check out this episode for the answer!

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Mike Mitchell & Nick Wiger + Celtics vs Lakers (1984 NBA Finals, Game 4)

Doughtown! Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger (the Doughboys) join Agata and Anastasia to watch the Celtics battle it out with the Lakers in game 4 of the 1984 NBA Finals. The boys share their thoughts on the bubble, ghost BJs, and why their team is the best. The gang also discusses Sam Dunk, Alexey Pajitnov, why people hate Boston, short shorts, Mr. Peanut cosplay, and getting your spouse to watch sports. Does Mitch hate bodies? Gotta listen to find out!

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Shea Serrano + Celtics vs Spurs

And other things! Shea Serrano (Movies (And Other Things), The Ringer) joins Agata and Anastasia to sort of watch the Celtics battle it out with the Spurs. They discuss the Big 3 Spurs and how they always took down Anastasia’s Sunny Boys and Agata’s Mavs. They also chat LV Aces, Waiters’s weed gummy incident, The Coyote’s lack of pants, and Tim Duncan being cool. Shea also details the excitement of the Oregon Ducks’ win against the US Womens National Basketball Team. Will there be an update on the Dunktown Fantasy League? You better listen to find out!

Mike Mitchell + Celtics vs Pacers (East Round 1, Game 4)

It’s a Boston thing! Mike Mitchell (Doughboys podcast) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the last game of the Celtics-Pacers round one series. The gang talk about Lucky the Leprechaun, Brad Stevens’s evil twin, how good pizza is, and Jayson Tatum’s mom. Mitch starts a debate about which Friends character is the funniest and teaches the gals about the monkey in the Garden. Which Celtics player would Mitch kiss? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

Tim Baltz + Celtics vs Bulls

It’s time for the percolator! Tim Baltz (Shrink on Hulu, The Righteous Gemstones) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Bulls dominate against the Celtics. The crew discusses Tim’s Bulls fandom, basketball card collection, and jumbotron video stardom. They dive deep into Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, sexy mascots, and junior high crushes. How do they all feel about Kyrie’s Friends tattoo? Maybe give it a listen to find out!

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76ers vs Celtics

The season has begun! Agata and Anastasia watched the first game of the NBA season on 10/16: 76ers vs. Celtics. They dive head first into all of the most important aspects of the NBA: eating cornbread before a big game, throwback uniforms, player nicknames. Maine accents, and new season jitters. Will they learn what a triple double is? Will they be offered courtside seats? Will they take Producer Gabe’s mic away? Listen to find out!