Owen Ellickson + Bucks vs Raptors (East Finals, Game 6)

A plug for chocolate milk! Owen Ellickson (Superstore, Splitting up Together) joins Anastasia as co-host while Agata is traveling the world. They watch the Raptors win the Eastern Conference Finals against the Bucks and discuss Owen’s sadness, VanVleet’s baby power, Kawhi’s machine-like qualities, and Nick Nurse’s past career in a ska band. Anastasia gives Owen some therapy and the duo state their hopes and predictions for the Finals. Will the Raptors take the Dunkies too or will the Bucks triumph? You’ll just have to listen for the thrilling answer!

Magic vs Bucks

We’re loopy! Through a haze of tired giddiness, Agata and Anastasia watch the Magic challenge the Bucks. They also detail the snacks they ate while watching the All Star Draft, analyze Giannis’s injured fashion, and process the whirlwind of the last few days before the trade deadline. Will the Magic mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon, be Agata’s valentine? Stop smooching your sweetheart and listen to find out!

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Trail Blazers vs Bucks

We’re going #Buckwild! Agata and Anastasia watch the Trail Blazers-Bucks game and quickly fall in love with this Milwaukee team. They discuss the Greek Freak, a possible sport coat mascot, and why the Trail Blazers’ jerseys make them think of farts. They also get into the rain in Oakland, Dirk Nowitzki’s key to the city, and how the Western rankings are bananas right now. Want to know what the Dunktown crew did for Thanksgiving? Listen for the shocking answer!