Seán Devlin

A Trophy Case of Lies! Seán Devlin (Airports, Animals) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss what’s been going on in basketball. Seán shares his love for pranks and his Raptors fandom. The gang also chats Kawhi Leonard, hot wings, WNBA NFT’s, PJ Tucker, participation trophies, Borat, Lou Williams being cool, nicknames, traumatic childhoods, Lowry’s butt, charcoal, and Giannis’s swag. Will the gang try to get Dell and Sonia Curry back together? Gotta listen for the answer.

📺 Reference + Sources

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  7. Sketch of “Frankenstein Kaminsky” by Cutie Nation Discord member chonimitchell
  8. Get Seán Devlin’s album Airports, Animals at or wherever you stream music

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