Sean Clements

100th episode! Sean Clements (Hollywood Handbook, The Flagrant Ones) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch highlights from the playoffs. He shares his basketball history, sparkling beverage preferences, and which player he’d smooch. The gang chats strict fandom, the Bucks’ protest, arena polling places, Balkan boys, George Hill’s pregame potty ritual, Kawhi comedy, and Chris Paul slapping nuts. Will Dunktown launch their Patreon today? You simply have to listen for the answer!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. The Bucks make a statement following their decision to protest
  2. Giannis describes how the Bucks decided not to play
  3. Kenny Smith walks off Inside the NBA in solidarity with players
  4. The entire WNBA standing together with locked arms
  5. Balkan Buds [1] [2]
  6. Slow-mo video of Marcus Morris Sr. stepping on Luka’s ankle
  7. GIF of Marcus Morris bopping Justin Anderson on the head with the ball
  8. Reggie Jackson flubs assist from Kawhi, whose response: “I didn’t give the ball up for that shit”
  9. Kawhi looking at his iPad homescreen as he enters the arena
  10. Dennis Schröder punches PJ Tucker in the groin, PJ headbutts Schröder, they both get ejected in Rockets/Thunder Game 5
  11. George Hill reveals why he missed the National Anthem before Bucks/Magic Game 5
  12. LeBron & Carmelo hug after Lakers eliminate the Blazers
  13. Permanent Makeup on Bandcamp
  14. Montrezl Harrell (@monstatrezz) on Twitter
  15. The Flagrant Ones on Patreon and Hollywood Handbook
  16. Dunktown on Patreon

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