Nitz Bluv + Warriors vs Nets

Opening Night! Nitz Bluv (Want Not Need Fund) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Warriors face the Nets in the opening game of the NBA season. Nitz shares her disappointment with the Warriors, her love for her parents, and the beauty of having a one bedroom apartment. The gang chats Giannis’s big decision, Andrew Wiggins, Kyrie’s sage, Steph’s hair, James Harden partying, finals predicitons, and dramaless KD. Will Kelly Oubre Jr. receive all of the love and admiration that he deserves? Press play to find out!

๐Ÿ“บ Reference + Sources

  1. Anastasia meets the cast of Schitt’s Creek
  2. Kyrie Irving burning sage before Nets vs Celtics preseason game
  3. Giannis discusses his decision to stay in Milwaukee
  4. Tweet about James Hardenโ€™s conflict with rookie Jaeโ€™Sean Tate
  5. James Harden has words โ€” or does he?
  6. Want Not Need Fund: Nonprofit organization encouraging people to pool their wants to help support their community’s needs
  7. Nitz Bluv on Twitter and Instagram
  8. Follow community organizers! Ground Game LA, Ktown for All & Street Watch LA on Twitter

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