Josiah Johnson + In The Bubble

Bubble! Josiah Johnson (@KingJosiah54) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the first days inside the NBA and WNBA bubbles. The gang discusses bubble food, Florida, Disney memories, the loss of buffets, and Woj’s F bomb. They also dive into Joel Embiid’s hazmat suit, Rondo’s Motel 6, Tobi & Bobi’s reunion, and the WNBA dystopian bubble. Will Gabe’s sound board get all the praise it deserves? Better listen for the answer!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. Woj’s email to Sen. Josh Hawley
  2. Woj’s apology
  3. Sen. Kelly Loeffler continues to rip Black Lives Matter, says she won’t sell stake in WNBA team (Washington Post, 7/10/2020)
  4. Is It Basketball… Or Socialism? (New York Times, 6/29/2020)
  5. #SayHerName – Justice for Breonna Taylor (Full TV Special featuring Kyrie Irving)
  6. Joel Embiid arrives in a hazmat suit
  7. Patty Mills arrives with a guitar and a case of Topo Chico
  8. The Raptors arrive in Black Lives Matter bus
  9. Rajon Rondo compares his room to a Motel 6
  10. J. R. Smith arrives, talks about his ‘tracking device’.
  11. Pat Bev’s room, gaming setup, stack of shirts
  12. Pat Bev selling white tees in the bubble (@KingJosiah54 on Twitter)
  13. Terrence Ross gives us a sneak peek at the game lounge
  14. Maxi Kleber and the Mavs make a DJ video
  15. Luka and Boban tracing Mickey ears
  16. Tobi and Bobi’s balcony reunion (Producer Gabe edit)
  17. Troy Daniels’ night 1 dinner
  18. Quinn Cook is excited about his food
  19. Once quarantine ends, the food apparently gets a lot better
  20. Conditions in the WNBA Bubble
  21. J. R. Smith’s stream is shut down for ‘exposing too much s***’

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