Gabe’s Game

Host G or Host A! Gabe Danon (smart and talented creator of Poeltl) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss his new fame. The gang also chats Brittney Griner, Cillian Murphy, rock candy, Ja Morant’s wild highlights, penises in movies, Mark Wahlberg, Agata’s life as a movie correspondent, Cam Johnson, Robert Pattinson’s lies, Jakob Poeltl, spam, long sleeves, and Egg Bagley Jr. Is Gabe going around the country measuring players? Listen to this episode for the answer!

๐Ÿ“บ Reference + Sources

  1. Jakob Poeltl plays his namesake game (@chase_shannon on Twitter / News 4 San Antonio)
  2. Cam Johnsonโ€™s big birthday buzzer-beater over the Knicks (via r/nba on reddit)
  3. Ja Morantโ€™s big dunk on Jakob Poeltl (via r/nba on reddit)
  4. Jaโ€™s big buzzer-beater off full-court pass from Steven Adams (via r/nba on reddit)
  5. Myles Turner arrives at the game in long green sleeves (@pacers on Twitter)
  6. Cole Anthony is afraid of needles, so Markelle Fultz held him while he got blood taken (@bleacherreport on Twitter)

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