Edgar Momplaisir, Mike Benner, Mark Fox & Kevin O’Brien + Fantasy Draft 2021

The Two Kelly O’s! Edgar Momplaisir, Mike Benner, Mark Fox, and Kevin O’Brien join Anastasia and Gabe to draft their fantasy teams. The gang chats the Timelord, Dame’s music, the Bogdanovices, Bradley Beal’s height, Isaiah Stewart, Devin’s pre-game car, Zach LaVine’s Jewish heritage, LeBron v. Ball Family, Myles Turner’s age, a general F, Serge Gainsbourg, and the Dunktown draft jingle. Will Agata and Zion Williamson heal their broken feet together? Go listen to it for the answer, you knuckle head!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. Legendary French musician Serge Gainsbourg watches a group of children performing in Gainsbourg cosplay
  2. Jokić hates sweat
  3. Watch Dear White People on Netflix and black-ish on Hulu
  4. Listen to Air Buds podcast and join the Dunktown Patreon
  5. The Official Joe (Ordinary) Podcast (née The Official The Orville Podcast)
  6. Learn about bugs! Mark recommends bugguide.net and iNaturalist.com

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