Drew Scheid

Party Guy #3! Drew Scheid (Mare of Easttown) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the news. They also chat Chris Paul’s Secret Stuff, the Sopranos, new WNBA jerseys, sweat, T$unami Papi, A-Rod, Olivia Coleman, Ben Simmon’s candy kitchen, Tobi & Bobi, Paul Pierce’s wild weekend, Allen Iverson, get vaccinated!, Draymond Green’s dumb thoughts, Ted Lasso, and the Schuylkill River. Will the gang be livestreaming Double Cross with Blake Griffin soon? Gotta hear this ep for the answer!

๐Ÿ“บ Reference + Sources

  1. Ben Simmons’s candy kitchen
  2. Allen Iverson “Practice” auto-tune video
  3. Chris Paul drinks his Secret Stuff
  4. Kelly Oubre in a new CarMax commercial
  5. Tobias Harris & Boban Marjanoviฤ‡ commercial for Goldfish crackers
  6. New WNBA special edition jerseys
  7. Paul Pierce social media post after his firing by ESPN
  8. [NSFW!] Clips from IG Live video that got Paul Pierce fired
  9. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional
  10. Basketball kiss during Drake vs Wichita State game
  11. Mare of Easttown premieres on HBO this Sunday, April 18
  12. Drought featuring Drew Scheid, available for rent on Amazon
  13. Watch Drew starting May 3 in his 5-episode arc on NCIS: New Orleans
  14. A Tradition of Violence: The History of Deputy Gangs in the Los Angeles County Sheriffโ€™s Department (Knock LA)
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