Cody Ziglar + Anime Review: Kuroko no Basuke (S1 E1-2)

The Glue Guy! Cody Ziglar (Dark Weeb Podcast, Marvel Comics) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss Kuroko no Basuke. Cody shares his anime history and cooking journey. The gang also chats Toonami, Halloween costumes, Jason Williams, fanfic, Dragon Ball Z, crushes, scary movies, Slam Dunk, and basketball super powers. Will the gang become Kuroko super fans? Gotta listen to find out!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. Watch Kuroko no Basuke on Netflix
  2. Iconic GIF of Kevin Malone from The Office spilling giant pot of chili
  3. Our friend David’s elaborate Halloween costumes (@davidly3 on Instagram)
  4. Shoes GIFs from Slam Dunk [1] [2]
  5. Jason Williams assists highlights reel (via House of Hoops on Youtube)
  6. Follow Zig @yayforzig on Twitter and Instagram
  7. Get your hands on some The Amazing Spider-Man comics written by Cody Ziglar!

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