Cereal Dinner

Tony Leveled Up on Y’all! Agata, Anastasia, and Gabe discuss cereal. They also chat LeBron’s Wheaties box, massaging your parents, Cap’n Crunch, mukbangs, breakfast in bed, Shaq’s endorsements, Fig Newtons, Kellogg’s thoughts on masturbation, Hassan Whiteside, and the Cheerio’s bee. Will the gang argue over milk or cereal first? Hit play to find out!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. LeBron’s first Wheaties box
  2. Wheaties commercial featuring Michael Jordan and James Worthy
  3. Shaq discusses why he’s never appeared on a Wheaties box
  4. Hassan Whiteside discovers some of Tony the Tiger’s latest creations at a CVS
  5. Kyrie 4 Cereal Pack packaging and the shoes themselves
  6. Basketball-themed commercial for Apple Jacks from 1988
  7. Enes Kanter tells a cereal mix-up story from when he first moved to the states
  8. Kellogg’s commercial featuring Australian GOAT Andrew Gaze
  9. The KG vs Carmelo beef that started a notorious cereal-based rumor, and Melo being asked about it on his YouTube show by guest Ludacris
  10. Danny Green, co-host Harrison Sanford, and Marc Gasol debate pouring milk first vs. cereal first
  11. Player-branded cereals: Slam Duncan-Os and Herr-Os

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