Candy Dinner

Gawrsh! Agata and Anastasia (and Producer Gabe) discuss candy. They try so much candy from around the world that it hurts their little tummies. They also chat about Oreos, being in the same room, Pocky, our guys, Flakes, pinball, Ben Simmons’s candy kitchen, Dwight Howard, Milkita, being old, Coffee Crisp, Lamar Odom, red vines v. twizzlers, Japanese Kit Kats, Canadians, Reese’s, and Goofy’s wife. Will the gang find a Shaq commercial for a candy? Probably, but hit play to find out!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. Ben Simmons’s candy room and new $17.5 million mansion in Hidden Hills
  2. Dwight Howard was addicted to candy and once got a special Skittles pinball machine full of Skittles
  3. Lamar Odom was, quite simply, the Candy Man
  4. LeBron ate Red Vines on the sidelines
  5. Photo of all the candy we tried
  6. Larry Bird Nestle Crunch commercial
  7. James Harden’s Weird Beards and his Trolli commercial
  8. Joel Embiid Jolly Rancher commerial
  9. Shaq’s Nestle Crunch with Car(a)mel commercial
  10. Mirin Fader’s profile of LaMelo Ball

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