Andy Greene + Choosing a Team

Dorts Jorts! Andy Greene (The Naked Man Podcast) joins Agata and Anastasia to search for a new team. Andy shares his love for horror movies and his grief over the Seattle Supersonics. The gang also chats Shawn Kemp, improv, Ja’s dunks, the Glove, Thunderstruck, troll Trey Young, polyamory, glue guys, savage and funny Steven Adams, blackout games, cute little puppies, hot Zach LaVine, and fun guy Kawhi. Will Andy walk away from this episode with a team in his heart? You’ll get the answer if you hit play!

📺 Reference + Sources

  1. Follow along with Anastasia’s Google Slides presentation pitching the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls
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  4. Steven Adams – SAVAGE and Funny Moments! 😈😂
  5. 10 Minutes of Trae Young DOMINATING the Playoffs !
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  7. Kawhi Leonard’s Incredible Shot Caps Off WILD Ending!
  8. Kawhi Leonard laughs at Media Day and says he is a fun guy
  9. Jokic riding his horse on a chariot
  10. Denver Nuggets Mascot Appears Unconscious During Pregame Festivities
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  12. Movies with Friends on Youtube (check out Train to Busan ep with Agata)

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